Bitcoin Casinos in India

Bitcoin Casinos in India

Global economics is looking to go through a transition given that we simply no longer live in a world that we used to. Blink and you will miss it. For some time now, cash has been obsolete, accounts are defined by numbers on an ATM panel or on a screen through our computers or mobiles. These binary numbers are the true currency, and it’s looking to evolve.

We have all heard of Bitcoin, the godfather of crypto. This is what our guide will be covering. You will understand and learn about the world of Bitcoin casinos and their Bitcoin casino games that are available.

The currency is well over a decade old but for Bitcoin online casinos, they are still in their infancy.

We will be looking at the option available when it comes to Bitcoin casinos in India. What do they offer, how the exchange works, what entertainment and services are available and why use a bitcoin casino India operator?

If you are new to the world of crypto, you don’t need to be an expert to study finance in this business. The rules are simple; if you want to win money, you can do so by using bitcoin as a form of payment and it can be returned in kind. Remember, it’s the goods which are the economy, where money is just the admin.

Gambling online

We start with a look at how online gambling is made available through a BTC casino, BTC being the marketing abbreviation of the Bitcoin. These sites will host many Bitcoin casino games that are no different from regular online casinos that trade with more common currencies.

You still have slots, blackjack, teen patti, and roulette games to play, nothing overtly changes within these Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin casinos are developed and licensed by the same people and powers that provide many of the traditional casinos online. All that changes is the administration of the payment. If you use Bitcoin online casinos, you are presented with an opportunity to win bitcoins from them.

The bitcoin casino India market is limited due to the fact this is a section of the industry which has only materialised in the past 5 years. Given the history that bitcoin had for the first 9 years of its making, the move to make casinos that could cater for the bitcoin wallet was an incredibly brave move.

To be able to take advantage of the new opportunity, you would, of course, need to invest in buying crypto from an exchange site, like and

The process is fairly straightforward. You set up an account with the exchange, you deposit your fiat currency and with that purchase the equivalent cost of a bitcoin or part of a bitcoin. Think of it as being no different from exchanging your rupees for any other foreign currency when you go on holiday. It’s exactly the same. However, in this case, there are no cheques or hard cash. The crypto money is stored in a bitcoin wallet which comes with a unique address number that is used in the transaction of funds.

Best Bitcoin casinos

As mentioned, the crypto market is still in its infancy on a global scale and, as such, when it comes to fulfilling opportunities to players in India, the margin closes even further. There are only three sites that currently provide a BTC service.

However, there are, in fact, two kinds of BTC casino out there in the world. You have the specialist Bitcoin casinos that are built to provide 100% Bitcoin casino games made with the new provably fair tooling system designed specifically for bitcoin use.

Then you have those that call themselves Bitcoin casinos because they can accept the currency and that’s all they do. They will convert your BTC into rupees which you will play with and these Bitcoin online casinos will not be able to pay out in crypto either.

There are three Bitcoin casinos in India

  • 10 Cric
  • 22 Bet
  • Betwinner

These are authentic, legitimate, specialist bitcoin casino India operators. You can deposit with your bitcoin wallet and you can withdraw using your bitcoin wallet. These are the true BTC operators.

More on the workings of bitcoin as a monetary option within casinos can be read here inside this review.

Bitcoin casino in India

What games can be played within these bitcoin casino India platforms? Well, the Bitcoin casino games you get are no different from what is found in the online casinos that came before them.

Bitcoin casinos still offer up hundreds of online slot machines. Members of a BTC casino can enjoy card and table games, both as a digital option and live format. The best bitcoin casino can offer up roulette, craps, poker, sic bo, teen patti, blackjack, andar bahar, and roulette.

When it comes to the games, especially the slots, there is a new tool that has been produced especially for the bitcoin users. This is a provably fair tool that produces a betting code before and after a spin, this is to prove the authenticity of the game. A code will be produced prior to the spin, which records and analysis check of the game to make sure there are no faults. This is them confirmed should the matching code come up after the spins.

Normally with the ‘traditional’ games, a betting code is generated but doesn’t confirm anything at the time of its sequencing and has to be crossed referenced should there be a query raised by a player. With the provably fair system, the results are instant.

The services that accompany the games also provide members with special promotions that provide access to games that some form of bitcoin casino bonus which is always subject to change.

Bitcoin bonuses

Yes, just as you get bonuses within a non-bitcoin casino, you also get the same kind of rewards within legitimate Bitcoin casinos.

From bitcoin casino free spins to BTC credit to play with, these blockchain sites will still reward members with bitcoin casino bonus offers because why not?

Every BTC casino will provide something for their members but it must be stated that there is no overall best bitcoin casino bonus because they are always subject to change. Now, you may think a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is going to be the best one out there, but the worth of a bonus is only as good as the terms and conditions that come with it. Whether they are from the Bitcoin casinos in India or any standard rupee casino in India, you must always read the terms and conditions of any bonus.

The terms highlight the rules of how an offer is to be used correctly. Casinos are business and do not just give away money or BTC freely without there being a catch.

Every bitcoin casino India operator has their own unique set of bonuses and with them, their own unique rules. When you sign up to these bitcoin casino sites and look to take advantage of their promotions, check the terms first especially the wagering requirement, it’s an eye-opener!

BTC Casinos in India

Are bitcoin casino sites even legal in India? What are the laws when it comes to these blockchain sites? Well, as you may know, or not know, in 2021 India banned the use of bitcoin but that’s fine, for many reasons. The banning only means it cannot be accepted within the standard commerce of the Indian community. They want rupees to be the only currency used when you buy cars, shoes, food, and entertainment.

But they cannot ban you from purchasing crypto for your bitcoin wallet because of it being a decentralized platform that is outside of the power of India’s governments. You can still fully buy bitcoin with your rupees and access Bitcoin casinos in India all because this is online.

There are no laws that ban, prohibit, stop, or sanction players for accessing Bitcoin casinos. Why? Because they are all registered outside of India’s borders.

Bitcoin online casinos are all registered in Europe and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Indian players can legally access any licensed BTC casino and use their crypto as a form of payment. The currency is deemed legal tender between you and the casino without the Reserve Bank’s say on matters or the government’s opinion. If the casinos wanted to accept carrots as currency, they could, and no government or bank could have a say in that.

How to Deposit Bitcoin

So, you have joined one or more of the available bitcoin casino sites listed above, so how does the process of making a deposit work?

Well, the process to fund your bitcoin casino India experience is not too dissimilar to any other currency.

Here is your step-by-step process in putting funds into Bitcoin casinos.

  1. First, you need to obtain your crypto/bitcoins from an exchange, so you have the funds to be able to transfer into these blockchain sites.
  2. Once you have acquired your bitcoins, you need to get a wallet that will then be synced to the Bitcoin casinos in India.
  3. When you register with a casino, go to the banking section of the site and choose your method of payment as bitcoin. Here you add your bitcoin wallet address ID. This is a very long numerical code that should be copied and pasted.
  4. The transactions between your bitcoin wallet and the casino can be done in fractions of a Bitcoin. Casinos will have limits to the minimum amount and max that can be deposited so check these first.
  5. Transfer the money from your wallet to your account by selecting the amount and confirming the transaction. The payment will be instant! At this point you can play and also accept/opt-in to receive any bitcoin casino bonus that requests a deposit be made.

The withdrawal process is literally a reversal of the action. You select the amount you wish to withdraw having picked bitcoin as your method. You enter this, confirm the wallet address and action. Withdrawal times take no longer than an hour!